The Nervous system

                             How does the Nervous System work?

Have  you ever touched something really, really hot and almost burned your hand? Well the reason why you ALMOST burned it and you didn’t is because of the nervous system. The nervous system does this and heaps more, so read on to learn more about how this system works!

So let’s say you went to get something to eat and you go to take the first bite, your neurons are sending a message to your brain to trigger your bite.

If I touched myself on the finger a neuron is  formed. That neuron travels a little distance then another neuron replaces it and then that neuron travels a little distance then is replaced. This process continues until a neuron eventually gets to your brain.

When you’re neuron gets to your brain, the brain immediately sends the message to the body part.

So maybe next time you go to do something you will realise how incredible what you’re doing is.


  1. Dear Cate,
    I learnt so much about the Nervous System!
    Thanks for telling me all about the Nervous System!
    Well done Cate!
    Keep it up!

    -Milena 😀

  2. Dear Cate,
    I like your blog post on how the nervous system works.
    Yes I have touched something really hot and burnt my hand.
    From Leonardo.

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