My favourite thing I did in the holidays!

Term 3 holidays were super fun!

But if I had to choose my favourite thing, it would probably be when my cousin Kathryn came over and we had a day out together. i know it doesn’t seem extraordinary, but I love spending time with her because she is 25 and  she can drive us places and she is such great company.

On that particular day out, we went and saw a movie and after that went to a cafe to have lunch. i had such fun on this day and I hope she enjoyed it as well.

thanks for reading!

What did you do in the holidays?

Did you see a movie in the holidays?

By Cate


  1. Hi Cate,
    First of all you’re welcome.
    Second of all I did all sorts of thing on the holidays.
    And third of all yes I did see a movie and it was the same one as you did.
    Now onto the comment love your blog I really do.
    But i think the only thing you can work on is the blue and I don’s so much mean the title in fact not at all I mean for example this as I’m writing this comment I can’t see what I’m writing because the colour is so bright it’s really hard to see.
    But you know it’s your blog.

    Your friend Mary

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thanks for the comment,
      Also thanks for the feedback on the color of the comments,but your right, it is my blog and i’m going to keep it blue!

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